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Back when we went to seminaries and events, we always had a rack of ready-to-wear garments. These were garments we made wrong (too short, wrong fabric) or were returned (changed mind, didn’t like the color). Customers could get garments right away and avoid shipping costs, and we could keep The Closet clean. 

But without events, The Closet is ready to burst. 

Please help us clear out space while enjoying a nice discount!

NOTE: Some garments might be a different color or have a different sleeve length or collar style than the main picture. We have included other pictures to help you visualize the actual garment. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, try checking all the garments in your size.

Some garments may have custom adjustments. We have tried to mark any changes in the notes on the garment. 

For garments with Round collars you can generally go up or down a 1/2" and still have the collar fit the garment. Ex: a 15" Round collar garment could work with a 14.5", 15" or 15.5" Clericool collar.

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