Quarantine Color Match Game

Looking for something fun to amuse yourself - or your kids? Everyone's monitor shows colors a little differently. We're trying to find a way to let customers know what each color actually looks like. For example, let's say Yellow (a color we don't have - I just made up for this game) is the same color as a French's mustard bottle. Now you have a frame of reference!

Here's how to play.

First, order the Quarantine Color Match Game swatch page. One page includes all 30 colors. (You only need one sheet, unless you want to share with a friend, but the website will not let us turn the Quantity choice off.)

Then find everyday items that match our color swatches. Be creative! But remember the idea is to help people know what color Eggplant, Forest and Lilac really are - so don't be too obscure. The Head & Shoulders bottle counts, the custom special conditioner you brought back from Aruba and isn't widely available doesn't count.

Every color match earns you one entry into a drawing for a special prize. Give us a match for all 30 swatches and win a special prize! We've partnered with Ilex Designs so some of the prizes are super fabulous!

We'll hold drawings every Friday. If you don't win, don't worry. Every so often we'll put all the entries together and draw again. Just like Stay At Home orders, we will continually re-evaluate and may update the game from time to time!


The submission form is not working right now. Please email admin@clergyimage.com. Still use one email per submission.