AnyBody Shirt


Introducing the AnyBody Shirt!

Our first priority will always be women's clergy apparel, but we have quite a few men who having been asking and asking for Clergy Image shirts. We also have customers of all gender expressions who want or need a shirt without the normal tapering of our garments.  The AnyBody Shirt was created to answer these needs. 

Fill in the form below, and we'll email you the url to reach the AnyBody Shirt product page.

Why is this garment "secret"?
We are still in the testing stages and aren't ready to roll this out completely. You have probably ordered an AnyBody Shirt in the past or been measured for one at an event. Your size should be listed in your Account information. If this is your first time hearing about the AnyBody Shirt, or you have questions, please email us before ordering.  

What size am I?
Right now we are using chest measurements to size. If that changes in the future, we'll let you know what size to order.

Your feedback is appreciated and may be used to create the final design. Let us know what you think and email us pictures!  We'll send back a coupon for free shipping on your next order.