In the beginning (Or how we got started)

The Rev. Megan Anderson Gartin and Cathie Anderson

While discerning her call to ordained ministry, Megan Anderson Gartin began reading blogs and websites by and for clergywomen. Over and over again, she read about the difficulty women had finding well-fitting, comfortable clergy wear. She wanted to do something to help - and she knew exactly the person who could do it. A woman who had been designing, sewing, and tailoring clothing for over 40 years. A woman she knew couldn’t let women in need down. Her mom, Cathie Anderson.

At first, Cathie said “No”. But in 2012, after a year of talking with clergywomen about their needs and dreams for clergy apparel, Cathie launched Clergy Image. In 2016, Cathie’s cousin, Linda Escalera, joined the team as the Director of Non-Sewing, handing sales, marketing, customer service and the business end of Clergy Image. 

We began with two designs, a stretch Rayon/Spandex blend pullover and a Maternity style shirt - both with a choice of sleeve lengths. We now offer almost a dozen styles of Tops and 5 styles of dresses in a variety of colors and fabrics. Plus you can choose Round, Tab or our exclusive Attached Collar. Our customers are still Cathie’s source of inspiration. From suggestions, requests and what she sees in current fashion, Cathie has added new designs, fabrics and colors.  

Our garments have clothed women as they addressed the United Nations, walked the halls of the U.S. Capitol, knelt in the Texas dust outside Immigration Detention Centers, given the benediction at the Smithsonian, been interviewed on national television and testified in federal court. They have clothed women as they married, baptized, buried, confirmed, counseled, anointed, blessed, prayed, celebrated, comforted, studied, lectured, preached and were Ordained, Consecrated and arrested. We have customers in all 50 states as well as places as far-flung as Uruguay, New Zealand, Belize, Norway, Israel, Tanzania and South Korea. Our clothes have been to every continent except Antarctica - and we’ll happy give a free shirt to any clergy person headed there.

We look forward to working with you and hearing your stories

Cathie, Linda and the Clergy Image Team