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We work from measurements to ensure the best fit! And to eliminate preconceived notions or stigmas about sizes, we have moved to a Color Sizing System.  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WHAT SIZE YOU ARE!! Make your best guess from the chart below. We will adjust your size as needed!!  If we send you a garment in a different color than you have ordered - please try it on before you contact us.


Purple      Bust 30-35     Waist 25-28     Hips 32- 37

Yellow      Bust 35-39     Waist 28-31      Hips 37-40

Blue         Bust 39-42     Waist 31-35      Hips 40-42

Green      Bust 42-45      Waist 35-38     Hips 42-45

Pink         Bust 45-48      Waist 38-41      Hips 46-49

Orange    Bust 49-52      Waist 41-43      Hips 50-53

Red          Bust 53-56      Waist 43-47     Hips 54-58

White      Bust 56-up       Waist 47-up     Hips 58-up


We are still in the testing stage of this garment. Right now the sizing is a number corresponding to the chest size. This may change once the shirt is fully-available. 

It is imperative that we have your measurements BEFORE we start your garments. Collar size is particularly important, because we have no "standard" size collar - we put your specific collar size on your garments.

If you do not provide measurements, we will reach out to you twice to try to get your measurements. If we can't obtain measurements, we will convert your order to a Gift Certificate that can be used at any time. There is no expiration date.

Once you have created an account with us, your measurements are on file. You don't need to give them to us again unless you change sizes. 




BUST/CHEST - Measure at the fullest part.

WAIST - Measure at your belly button.

HIPS - Measure at the fullest part.

SIDESEAM - Measure from under your arm to the desired length of the garment. You can also measure the length of a favorite garment by laying it on the bed or a table and measuring from the underarm seam to the hem. If you give us measurements for both a shirt and dress, please separate them with a /. For example: 17/32.

HEIGHT - Your Height also helps us to ensure proper length.

COLLAR - If you currently wear a Round collar and you like the way it fits, please give us the measure on the inside of the collar. If you do not know your collar size, please give us your neck measurement, and we'll add the appropriate spacing. (But be sure to tell us it's your neck measurement!)

NECK - If you do not know your collar size, please measure your neck, by placing the tape measure around the base of your neck so it is just touching with no gaps. We will add the appropriate spacing.  Be sure to tell us it's your neck measurement!


It's best to have a friend help you. (And then you can return the favor!) If you do not have a tape measure, you’ll have a chance to order one as you checkout. If does not matter if you use inches or centimeters, we will convert.  If you have additional questions about measurements or sizing, please send us an email





ROUND COLLARS are also commonly called Anglican collars, full collars or band collars. They are a piece of white plastic (or sometimes linen) that completely encircles the neck. The traditional Round collar attaches to the garment with a button in the front and the back.

Our Round collar garments have a narrow band at the top of the garment with a small, hand-sewn buttonhole in the center front and center back to attach a collar. The collar is NOT INCLUDED with this garment but can be purchased separately on our website for $15. You also need a set of collar buttons to attach the collar. We sell these for $10. (If this is your first collar, we recommend buying 2 sets of buttons in case you lose one!)




ATTACHED COLLAR garments look like a traditional Round collar, except the collar is sewn into the garment. There is a plastic insert that completely encircles the neck inside a casing in the collar.  The plastic never touches your neck - only the fabric. The plastic insert gives the collar its shape. The garment can be washed with the collar and plastic insert in place. 

To put the garment on, simply stretch the collar apart to place it over your head and then push it back together when it is in place.


TAB COLLARS are also commonly called Roman collars. They have a white square in the front. Our Tab collars include a long plastic insert that completely encircles the neck. This gives the collar better shape and ensures that the tab stays in place. In addition to white Tab inserts, we now offer Pride and Transgender versions.

 If you don't see your Tab inserts in your package, please check all the tissue paper again. (They have been known to hide there.) If your Inserts are missing, please email us right away to have new ones sent.




We offer six different sleeve lengths on most garments.

Sleeveless - Our coolest option


Cap Sleeve - Enough fabric to cover your shoulders



Short Sleeve - About halfway between sleeveless and elbow



Elbow Sleeve - just above the elbow


3/4 Sleeve - Approximately 4 inches inches below the elbow


Long Sleeve - Full coverage




We measure from under the arm to the hem of the garment.

Shirts come in 3 standard lengths: 15" (Petite), 17" (Regular) and 19" (Tall).

Dresses come in 5 lengths: 28", 30", 32", 34", 36".

Tunics are approximately 23" long.

All garments can be made in custom lengths for an alteration fee: $10 for Shirts and Tunics, $15 for Dresses. 




We currently offer several different fabrics: Bamboo, Rayon, Cotton,  Polyester and Tencel. All of our fabrics are blended with Spandex to give 4 way stretch enabling you to move freely without being clingy.

BAMBOO This is our softest, lightest-weight and coolest fabric - customer-tested in New Orleans in the summer! Bamboo has natural moisture-wicking properties and is our quickest-drying fabric. It is suitable for Crop Tops, all Shirts, all Nursing Shirts, Tunics and Swing Tunics.

RAYON Our most popular fabric! It is similar to Bamboo in drape and feel but is a slightly thicker fabric. Rayon in available in a variety of colors and is suitable for Crop Tops, all Shirts, all Nursing Shirts, Maternity, Tunics and Swing Tunics as well as Swing, A-Line and Two-Tone Dresses.

COTTON  While still soft and cool, this fabric is heavier than the Rayon. It holds its elasticity and color very well. It is available in a variety of colors and suitable for Crop Tops, all Shirts, all Nursing Shirts and Maternity as well as A-Line Dresses, Loose Fit Dresses and Tapered Dresses.

POLYESTER This is our thickest, least-stretchy and most durable fabric. All of our Polyester fabric is suitable for Crop Tops, Classic Shirts, Classic Nursing Shirts, Tunics, Swing Tunics and Maternity as well as Swing and Two-Tone Dresses.

TENCEL Eco-friendly, biodegradable and 50% more absorbent than cotton! It is made from Eucalyptus pulp sourced from sustainable tree farms. With a feel and drape similar to our Rayon, it is suitable for Crop Tops, all Shirts, all Nursing Shirts, Tunics, Swing Tunics and Maternity as well as Swing and Two-Tone Dresses.




All of our fabrics are washable. We recommend washing by hand and hanging to dry to extend the life of your garments, but you can machine wash in cold water on the gentle cycle if needed. We don't recommend drying them in the dryer. Many women do, but there is a possibility of slight shrinkage. The Cotton will shrink vertically. If you plan to put it in the dryer (or have someone who helps you with laundry) you might consider ordering garments about 2" longer to compensate.

For Round Collars be sure to remove the collar and collar buttons.
Round collars can be cleaned with soap and water or wipes.

For Tab Collars, remove the collar insert. 
Tab Collar inserts can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and soap and water.

Attached Collar garments can be washed exactly as they are - with the collar in place. You can use a color-safe stain remover on this collar. DO NOT BLEACH! The bleach will leech onto the rest of your garment.




Our garments are made to order. That means there is a slight delay between the time your order and the time we ship. 

Check the homepage for estimated shipping time. If you need your order sooner, please add Rush Shipping to your order.

Rush charges are: 

0-3 Week Ship Time - $15 per garment


There are no Rush charges for garments needed for Ordinations/Installations or for Maternity wear.

Domestic Shipping:

up to $50 - $8

$51-150 - $12

over $150 - $16

International Shipping is calculated based on weight. There is a shipping calculator on the Shopping Cart page.

Most domestic orders are shipped via USPS. Most orders are sent Priority Mail (2-3 day delivery). Smaller orders may be sent First Class mail, but all shipping will have a tracking number.

International orders are shipped via USPS First Class International, Fed Ex or UPS depending on the most cost-effective method. We do not usually have an issue with Customs (less than 10 times in 10 years), but if there are taxes/duty due, it is the customers responsibility.

We offer, and highly recommend, Shipping Protection for both domestic and international orders. This provides full coverage to replace your order if the package is lost, stolen or damaged. 



When you check out, you'll see a Shipping Protection added to your items. You may opt out of this service, but if your package is missing or damaged, we will not be responsible. We highly recommend using this service!

In the past, we have covered the cost of remaking and resending your garments out of pocket. With more and more packages being lost or delayed - in some cases for more than a month - this is an expense we can no longer handle. If you choose Shipping Insurance and your order is lost damaged or stolen, all you do is let us know. We will remake your order  - it will be treated as a Rush - and reship as soon as we can. If you do not have Shipping insurance, we will work with you to replace your order at a discounted price, but you will have to cover the rest of the price as well as re-shipping.

When your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking information. If the package says it has delivered and you did not receive it, it shows delivery to another city, the tracking shows no movement for more than 7 days or you see a different issue related to delivery, please email us. Once we have talked with you to understand the situation, we will put your order back into our work schedule and your replacement will be treated as a Rush. 


Before returning any garment, please email us.


Clergy Image garments are not pre-made, off-the-shelf garments, rather they are semi-custom, where you choose the Collar Style, Sleeve length, Fabric Color and Shirt/Dress length. If your garment doesn’t fit or is incorrect, we will exchange or alter it as needed.

If the mistake is ours, we will email you a Return Shipping Label and will provide free shipping back to you. If you have not provided all the measurements we have requested or provided inaccurate measurements and your garment does not fit, we will exchange it or alter it as needed. However, you will be responsible for return shipping, alterations and shipping back to you - we will send an invoice to cover these expenses. If you would like, we can provide you with a Return Shipping Label so you don't have to go to the Post Office. If you choose this method, we will include the return shipping in your invoice.

If garments have not been worn, you may return them for an exchange or refund. If the garments have been worn, email us. We frequently provide some credit depending on length of time since purchase and the condition of the garments. Returns that have been worn will be donated to seminarians and clergy in need.

If you are returning garments that have been worn, please wash the garment before sending it back. Remember our employees will be handling these garments - perfume, pet hair and other substances can create issues for us. There is an additional $15 charge if you return a worn garment that isn't washed.

Shipping charges, Rush charges, Shipping Protection charges and charges for custom alterations will not be refunded.





We understand that your needs may change from the time you order until you receive your garments. You may change or cancel an order at any time for a full refund by emailing us. 



We would love to hear from you! Whether you have questions, feedback, or just want to chat with our team, we're all ears! And please send pictures. Not only do we love to see them, they are helpful for other clergy.  Our business hours are:

M, T, W, F: 9am-5pm PT

We are available through phone: (980)-552-0035 x1 OR email: customerservice@clergyimage.com

Please allow at least 24 hours for a response.