New Clergy Bundle

Welcome to Clergy Image

We’re so excited and honored to be part of this new step on your spiritual journey!

To help you start building your clergy wardrobe, we are offering a 15% discount on one order of at least 3 garments. This discount is available on either a website or in person order.

To access this Bundle, fill in the form below. You will be emailed a Discount Code to apply during checkout.  If you have not added three garments to your cart, you will not see the discount.

Remember this discount is only available for new or soon-to-be clergy and can only be used on one order. 


Suggestions from current clergy:

  • Get a Crop Top as your first garment. You can wear it under anything, so it instantly gives you a closet full of clergy apparel. You might even want two, so you can leave one in the car for pastoral emergencies.
  • You can never go wrong with a Top. We offer two styles of shirts and two styles of tunics to suit your particular style.
  • If you're a dress wearer, definitely add one. You can choose from five styles - three with pockets! With only one item to choose, it simplifies getting dressed in the morning. And, for some, it offers a more professional look.
  • If you are ordering garments with Round Collars, please be sure to add the Round Collar bundle to your order.

We know that buying clergy apparel is new for you. Please email us if you have questions - we're always happy to help.