Changes to Serve You Better


From the beginning, we have offered semi-custom clothing – meaning customers could choose many elements of their garments – such as collar style and sleeve length.  When we encountered customers for whom one of our standard sizes didn’t quite work, we made alterations free of charge.  As we started attending more and more events to measure women in person, the amount of alterations skyrocketed. Patterns had be adjusted. Custom items slowed down cutting and sewing process. Production of all garments took longer.

The result is the huge backlog of orders we are still trying to fill.

After looking at our orders very carefully, we realize that the vast majority of customer require no alterations. Some need minor alterations.  But for others, having a customized garment is vital. And we are one of the few places for those customers to find clothing that fits. However, all orders are held up by orders requiring special attention.

So to make it fair to everyone, we are changing the way we handle customizations.



These are designed for those who need major adjustments.  You do not need to order Silver (regular sizes) or Platinum (curvy sizes) unless we specifically ask you to do.  The higher price reflects the added time involved in making your garments. And it includes one round of free return shipping if we need to make further adjustments.



For those requiring minor alterations, we are offering those services at a very low cost compared to taking garments to a tailor.  We will let you know if you need to apply these alterations to your garment.  You can find our most common alterations listed on the Alterations.



Through the years we have discovered that most customers request one of three lengths for shirts and dresses.  So we are now offering our garments standard in those lengths. If you want a length outside of those options, you will still be able to order it. 



When we started with a basic shirt and one collar style we created a base price. As we added other options, including sleeves, collars and pockets, those became add-ons to our base price. The result is that a garment may have several different prices (for example there are 24 different prices for the A-Line dress.) We are standardizing our prices and will have 3 different prices to reflect the different size categories. While this is not intended as aa price increase, some of you many notice a slight increase in prices on some garments.