Free Masks for Clergy. Donations welcome!

When the pandemic started and events began cancelling, we weren't sure what would happen to sales. Would we have enough work to keep our employees busy? Cathie and Linda made a commitment to pay our employees for their normal hours as long as we could regardless of the work level. To keep them busy, and to give back to the community, we began making and donating masks. 

Cathie worked with nurses to create a pattern for a comfortable mask that can be used alone or with an N95 to extend the life of the N95. They went through 6 different versions before deciding on our current pattern. It fits snugly around the nose and side and is long enough to go under your chin. It is also comfortable for all day wear and is quick and easy to make. We spent several months making and donating masks to healthcare professionals. As we were made aware of other communities with needs, we added other first responders, residential communities like long-term care, assisted living and rehab centers, Public Defenders who go into jails to meet with clients and a few small businesses providing essential services. 

When clergy began moving out into the community more and began to resume in-person worship, we decided to make the free masks available to clergy. You pay a small shipping fee. If you order masks along with garments, there is no additional shipping.



When people began asking if they could make financial contributions to offset our out of pocket costs, we set up a fund through St. Martin's-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church in Columbia, SC so your donation is tax deductible. Thanks Rev Caitlyn Darnell - it’s good to have clergy customers! But if you'd prefer to donate to Clergy Image directly - without a tax deduction - you can do that too. 

This money will be used for out-of-pocket expenses for masks - mainly supplies and shipping.  It is also possible these funds may be also used for payroll for the hours employees work on items we are donating. The money will not fund overhead or normal business expenses. 

Please understand donations are not required, but they are welcome. If you are ordering a large amount or if you are ordering a second or third time, we ask that you prayerfully consider making a donation.

We are touched and overwhelmed with the support we are receiving, both financially and emotionally. Many of you have sent beautiful notes letting us know how much it means to you that we are donating these masks to you. Let us assure you, we are the ones who are blessed by you - not just your business, but your presence in our lives, your friendship and your prayers.