Price Change 2024

We have not raised prices in over 2 years. Since then the cost of fabric, supplies and wages have increased significantly.  

Clergy Image is not just a business and a livelihood for us - it is a ministry. Part of our commitment to you is to offer semi-custom clergy garments with stellar service at an affordable price. We provide many options and customizations not found in other clergy apparel. 

We have held off as long as we could, but to be able to offer the same quality and service you have come to expect from Clergy Image, we cannot put this off any longer. We appreciate your understanding and your support.


Premium Fabrics

Most of our fabrics cost us about the same price. However, we have a few that are  significantly more expensive. In some cases, we are not able to get wholesale prices, but still want to be able to offer you these fabrics. In order to keep our prices as low as we can, the Premium Fabrics may have a slight upcharge depending on the garment.

Inconsistent Price Changes

While working on this price change, we re-evaluated the fabric/time needed to make each garment. The prices for some garments have increased different amounts than others - this more accurately reflects the true cost of the garment.

Curvy Sizes

We have heard from many of you - in all sizes - that you don't like the upcharge for curvy sizes. As part of this price increase, we have reduced the upcharge. Our goal is to eliminate this charge completely in 2025. Custom garments (size White) will still have an upcharge due to the specialized nature of those garments.

A-Line Dress

Since the overwhelming majority of A-Line Dresses are ordered with pockets, we have decided to make them standard like we have always done with the Swing Dress. If you do not want pockets, please let us know in the Notes at Checkout. There is no price difference.