Seminary Reps

We're not going to be making our normal Seminary Trips this year. Linda is really, really sad she won't be traveling and seeing all of you. Her favorite part of working with Clergy Image is working with seminarians - especially helping you try on your first collar! (She'll also miss your study groups which frequently meet in the room she is set up. Your comments through the years have helped shape and sustain her faith.)

Our Rep program is going to look a little different.

First, it doesn't matter where you are located geographically, how many seminarians are in your program or if you are in a denomination that wears collars frequently. (Given the time and expense of going to seminaries, these have always been factors.)

Second, instead of arranging for space for us and publicizing the event, you'll be posting on your seminary's social media or e-blast (or other form of communication that works at your seminary.) This information will be provided to you. Our plan is to post no more than twice a month, but we may send additional information if we have a special promotion that comes up.

Third, we'll be providing you with a binder containing FAQs and suggestions specific to seminarians. The binders will also have a tape measure, measuring instructions and sheets for seminarians to fill out with their measurements (just to make it easier to upload them to their online account.) You won’t have to actually measure anyone - just have tape measures available if people need them. You’ll also get swatches of fabric and a couple of sample garments for people to see the construction and different collar styles. We will be donating these garments at the end of the year. 

Fourth, we will send a set of Clericool collars to you for you to make available to the students at your seminary. Even if people want a Tab or Attached collar, the round collars are useful in determining collar size. These can easily be sanitized with wipes between uses. We will send you a label to mail the collars to the next seminary on the list. 

Fifth, we are planning to create some Zoom sessions where you and other seminarians will be able to drop in, get information and see the garments virtually. While this isn't the ideal way to shop, it will enable Linda to show you things like the difference between collars or how the different fabrics drape. (And we'd love any ideas you have to make these sessions fun.)

Lastly, we'd love your input on things we can do to make shopping easier for your cohorts or that will make this program easier for you. This is a huge learning process for us!

Since there will not be one big event for you to earn credit, we will give you a percentage of sales. To facilitate this, we'll give you a Discount Code to pass along to your community. (And you can share it with friends outside your seminary if you'd like, although we ask that they not pass it along to others.) The Code will give the customer a $5 discount (just to give them a little incentive to remember to use the Code) and will give us a way to track all the sales associated with you. The Code will be active from the beginning of the program through May 1. (We will restart the program in the fall with a new code.) While the Code cannot be used for Gift Certificates, it can be used to purchase items off of Gift Registries. You'll receive $100 or 5% of sales, whichever is greater. You can use the credit at anytime because we realize you may need to order your own garments before May 1. Our hope is that this will generate a larger credit than usual since you have a longer period of time and can share the Code with friends outside of your seminary. 

My hope is to find seminarians right away so we can kick off with a Rep Zoom meeting the first week of February.
If you are interested or have additional questions, please email linda@clergyimage .com. We look forward to hearing from you.