Size Chart


We work from measurements to ensure you find the correct size. And to eliminate preconceived notions or stigmas about sizes, we have moved to a Color Sizing System.  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WHAT SIZE YOU ARE!! Make your best guess from the chart below. We will adjust your size as needed!!  If we send you a garment in a different size than you have ordered - please try it on before you contact us.

Purple      Bust 30-35     Waist 25-28     Hips 32- 37

Yellow      Bust 35-39     Waist 28-31      Hips 37-40

Blue         Bust 39-42     Waist 31-35      Hips 40-42

Green      Bust 42-45      Waist 35-38     Hips 42-45

Pink         Bust 45-48      Waist 38-41      Hips 46-49

Orange    Bust 49-52      Waist 41-43      Hips 50-53

Red          Bust 53-56      Waist 43-47     Hips 54-58

White      Bust 56-up       Waist 47-up     Hips 58-up



It is imperative that we have your measurements BEFORE we start your garments. Collar size is particularly important, because we have no "standard" size collar - we put your specific collar size on your garments.

If you do not provide measurements, we will reach out to you twice to try to get your measurements. If we can't obtain measurements, we will convert your order to a Gift Certificate which you can redeem when you are ready to order.

Once you have created an account with us, your measurements are on file. You don't need to give them to us again unless you change sizes.