What is the difference between collar styles?

ROUND COLLARS are also commonly called Anglican collars, full collars or band collars. They are a piece of white plastic (or sometimes linen) that completely encircle the neck. The traditional Round collar attaches to the garment with a button in the front and the back.

Our Round collar garments have a narrow band at the top of the garment with a small, hand-sewn buttonhole in the center front and center back to attach a collar. The collar is not included with this garment but can be purchased separately on our website for $15. You also need a set of collar buttons to attach the collar. We also sell these for $10. (If this is your first collar, we recommend buying 2 sets of buttons in case you lose one!) 


ATTACHED COLLAR garments look like a traditional Round collar, except the collar is sewn into the garment. There is a plastic insert that completely encircles the neck inside a casing in the collar.  The plastic never touches your neck – only the fabric. This gives the collar its shape. The garment can be washed with the collar and plastic insert in place. To put the garment on, simply stretch the collar apart to place it over your head and then push it back together when it is in place.



TAB COLLARS are also commonly called Roman collars.  They have a white square in the front. Our Tab collars include a long plastic insert that completely encircles the neck. This gives the collar better shape and ensures that the tab stays in place.