Shipping Protection

When you check out, you'll see a Shipping Protection added to your items. For 98¢ on orders up to $100 and 1.5% of the amount for orders greater than that, your order is completely insured. You may opt out of this service, but if your package is missing or arrives extremely late, we will not be responsible. We highly recommend using this service!

In the past, we have covered the cost of remaking and resending your garments out of pocket. With more and more packages being lost or delayed - in some cases for more than a month - this is an expense we can no longer handle. If you choose Shipping Insurance, your order is 100% covered, including shipping, is the package is lost, damaged or stolen on it's way to you. If you do not have Shipping insurance, we will work with you to replace your order at 1/2 price, but you will have to cover the rest along with shipping.

When your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking information. If the package says it has delivered and you never received it, it shows delivery to another city, the tracking shows no movement for more than 7 days or you see a different issue related to delivery, please email us. Once we have talked with you to understand the situation, we will put your order back into our work schedule AND your replacement will be treated as a Rush.